The Guitar is a Remarkable Instrument!

Like the piano, it has the capability of harmony. Like the violin it possesses the ability to create melodies with an infinite variety of timbres, and can even come close to the sound of the human voice. And, like the drums, the guitar can be percussive and rhythmic. On the guitar we can make simple or complex chords, play searing solos, or even be a one-man band.

Guitar Lessons

I have been teaching for practically the entire duration of my adult musical life.  After a varied career as a performing guitarist, I have made teaching a main focus of my professional career. I believe that the music world is stronger and more vibrant with the passing down of information and techniques from one generation to another.  And the study and playing of music can give much enjoyment to an individual and enrich his or her life.

Ukulele Lessons

Over the past ten years the ukulele has demonstrated a remarkable increase in popularity. Many people, from children as young as 8 to senior citizens, have come to appreciate the uke’s accessible learning curve and user-friendliness. Also, the uke gives them the opportunity to have an active musical involvement in both a private and social context.  Thus, for a teacher the ukulele provides a convenient entry into the world of guitar. And for those who continue to explore its possibilities the ukulele can prove to be a beautiful and expressive instrument.

My Studio and My Method

I teach in my studio in my apartment on the Upper West Side, located on W86th Street, between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive.  I teach all forms of guitar, except for classical.  This can include folk, rock, jazz and funk, depending on the student’s tastes and abilities.  I teach both flat pick and finger style playing methods, on acoustic and electric guitars.

“I always look forward to guitar during the week! Allan makes sure you understand the theory and concepts first, but then you put it into action! I always feel so comfortable, even when I make mistakes.”

High School Senior

The Allan Jaffe Blog

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