Studying guitar as an adult can be a much different experience from studying as a child.  Expectations can be different: we accept the fact that we are not going to be the next John Meyer or Taylor Swift. Our musical tastes are mature and formed, and we have a better idea of what we’d like to learn.  Above all, we can approach it as a hobby, something that can be rewarding and pleasurable, yet outside the parameters of our daily lives.

Here are just some of the benefits one can get from adult guitar lessons:

  • Experience a whole new way of thinking and hearing
  • Reconnect with our musical selves in an active way
  • Finally start to learn that instrument we have always wanted to play
  • Pick up where we left off when “serious” pursuits took over in our youth
  • Finally learn those licks and songs we have loved for so long
  • Branch out into other musical directions which have always seemed too difficult
  • Learn enough guitar to be able to play with our “shredding” grandson

It is never too late to try!